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Rent a Copying System


Efficient copying systems are indispensable in modern companies. Multifunctional systems with a wide range of features ensure smooth day-to-day business. 




Your individual requirements determine the choice of copier rental.



As an alternative to purchasing, the copier rental is a good way to keep a better eye on the costs of a system. 

We support you with all technical questions and with the strategic implementation in your company.

Every company has different internal processes and situations in which different copiers are used. In addition to paper and toner consumption, the number of individual users and the rental price play a decisive role in the selection of the copying system.


Determining the Starting Basis

Following an intensive needs analysis, we work together with you to find individual and flexible solutions and thus ensure a smooth workflow in your company.

Current Status

Before the decision to purchase a copier is made, we discuss the current workplace situation with you and formulate a solid decision basis accordingly.



Determine Costs

Together with you, we determine the monthly costs for the required consumables such as paper and toner.




Together we analyse your requirements for the individual workplaces and adapt our offers for the copier rental to the individual requirements.



Determine Prerequisites

Which different functions are required for your system need? Is the scanning function rarely used or is it an essential part of your business processes?

Which paper formats are used?

Many companies only need the minimum requirements of their multifunctional system and can dispense with certain extras. In order to be able to make you an optimal offer for the copier rental, you should think about the exact use of your system in advance

Copier Power

Are your copying systems running at full capacity or only at peak hours?

Functional Scope

Do you need certain extras or is the basic equipment sufficient?

Searching for the suitable Copying System

Once you have determined all requirements for your copier, you need to consider the cost of your multifunction system. We at büroTEC maintal introduce you to various systems for rent and help you to make the right decision

We always take the efficiency of your copier into account. Economic factors play an important role in the selection of your rental system in addition to the individual area of application and the scope of functions.




We provide you with a well thought out selection of copiers to find the right multifunction system for your requirements.

Subsequent Support

Of course we assist and support you with any question or service work after selecting your copier.

Renting a copying systems is a worry-free package