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Printer Leasing

Where competition becomes tougher, markets more competitive and economic changes more rapid every day, it is indispensable to identify and exploit opportunities in time, figure out niches and secure tomorrow’s success through today’s investments.

Our contract model Projektinvest enables the financing of complex projects with many individual components from different suppliers and different service providers.


What is printer leasing?

Leasing as a form of financing is increasingly used by small and medium-sized companies. Similar to leasing your vehicle fleet, a financing agreement is concluded which clearly defines the terms as well as the monthly costs and any supplement.

Alternative Financing

Sometimes traditional forms of financing are no longer sufficient to fully meet the needs of a company. An alternative financing method proven its worth over many years is leasing. In recent decades, leasing has become a real substitute to traditional bank loans, especially for small and medium-sized businesses.

When it comes to leasing you usually think of cars. But this is just one of countless possibilities. Leasing contracts for real estate, production equipment, printers or IT equipment can be particularly interesting for enterprises.


Free use against Payment

In comparison to a classic rental agreement a leasing contract contains elements that go beyond the mere transfer of use of the leasing object. Usual responsibilities of the landlord are transferred as additional obligations to the tenant, i.e. maintenance or repair services, preservations or insurances.

With printer leasing, we leave the printer to you for free use for an agreed upon monthly leasing instalment. As the lessor, we generally remain the legal owner of the printer and include the leased asset in our balance sheet. After expiry of the leasing contract, the printer is either returned to us or can be acquired by you.

Individual Printer Leasing

In order to find an individual printer leasing option for your company, we first define the circumstances and your requirements.

How many employees are using the printers, how much paper is used in which period of time and which additional functions are required?

The right Leasing for your Company

Leasing offers you greater flexibility compared to a purchase. Even during the term of the lease you have the option of modifying the contract in order to use a more powerful system or the successor model.

In contrast to the rigid purchase model which binds you to the same machine for a longer period of time, leasing allows you to react earlier and faster and thus adapt to the market and your needs.


Let us provide you with a suitable leasing frame for your printers which gives you the necessary flexibility to take advantage of attractive offers at any time and gain the trust of other suppliers.


Many service components, from support in the procurement of investment objects, insurance offers and up to the marketing of refurbished systems, round off our offer.

Terms and Conditions

Our terms and conditions are impressive. Ask for your individual quotation and further information about our products or make an appointment with one of our Pre-Sales representatives.

Advantages of Printer Leasing

Leasing a printer has many advantages. Especially the purchase of a new printer often is pretty expensive. However, if you decide to lease a printer, the high one-off costs are eliminated and spread over more calculable instalments.

Advantages of Glance

In addition to the tax benefits, also the credit line of your company is spared. If you use leasing skilfully, you keep your credit line at your house bank for bottleneck situations. The lessee saves his own capital and remains financially independent. With the leasing model you are always at the cutting edge of technology and can flexibly adapt your needs to the respective market situation.

Tax advantages

The leasing instalments are fully tax-deductible as operating expenses if the leasing object is assigned for tax purposes.

Balance Neutrality

The leased assets do not appear on the lessee’s balance sheet. The instalments are recorded as operating expenses in the income statement. Furthermore, the equity ratio and the gearing ratio do not change. The lessor capitalizes the leased asset as fixed assets or leased assets.

Secure Calculation Basis

The leasing rate will not be affected by changes in interest rates or ratings in the long term either. It thus serves as a reliable basis for calculation.


Since the leasing company takes over the financing of the object, the lessee has more financial leeway for future decisions. At the same time, dependencies on the lessee’s own banks are reduced.

Pay as you earn

Since the leasing instalments accrue parallel to the use of the object, the leasing object is quasi self-financed. Financing costs are spread over the useful life and thus also over the period in which income from the object is generated.

Planning Certainty

The amount of the leasing instalments and the contract terms are fixed from the beginning and contractually regulated.

Individual Contract Design

The individual contract design with regard to term, amortization and payment as well as the method of payment makes it possible to adapt to different needs.